False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #18: Celine Vernon, Founder of Slow Factory

On the brinks of the civil war in the country of Lebanon in its own capital Beirut which would become the birthplace of one of its best creative minds. This individual’s apartheid with Lebanon would soon be channeled as motivation, perseverance, and activate a side that most ignore which is to making a Global Impact. What was composed as a Tweet as an idea turned into REALITY. These collections of scarfs are not just only an accessory but  they carry a mission and purpose through the satellite images of NASA. Today, I look out into the universe to sit down with the individual to discover the inspiration and purpose behind these very scarfs. Designer, teacher, entrepreneur, activist, and mostly importantly a mother of 2 children I present the founder of Slow Factory CĂ©line Semaan Vernon.

Slow Factory 

Slow Factory is fashion house, merging the traditional functions of a design studio with two innovative features: a high-tech materials lab and the application of open source data. Slow Factory creates limited-edition collectable fashion pieces by printing high-resolution NASA satellite images on environmentally responsible fibers like silk and modal, resulting in timeless statement pieces with a mission supporting environmental and humanitarian causes. Our supply chain is 100% clean and fair trade.