False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #24: Mario Lanzarotti, Awl & Sundry Custom Shoes

Today he is known as the Chief Happiness Officer and has successfully developed strategic brand partnerships in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and UK as well as a limited capsule collection with professional football player Kameron Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks. Mario’s mission is to disrupt the shoe making industry by making bespoke quality footwear more affordable and significantly reduce turnaround time. His title Chief Happiness Officer aligns with his personal vision of brining positive change to the world, uniting people across the globe and promoting happiness throughout the business environment. We are excited to have Mario Lanzarotti, Chief Happiness Officer and Managing Partner of Awl & Sundry Custom Shoes.


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #23: Rose Callahan, Photographer & Filmmaker

“A photograph is a secret about a secret.

The more it tells you the less you know ”
-Diane Arbus

Featured this week on the False Image Fashion Podcast is Photographer & Filmmaker Rose Callahan. Rose assisted many notable photographers before establishing herself as a commercial photographer, and more recently, filmmaker, in collaboration with her husband Kelly Desmond Bray.In 2008, Rose began The Dandy Portraits blog to tell the nuanced story of extreme masculine elegance alive today. In 2013, I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman, a coffee table book of Rose’s dandy portraits, with profiles written by Nathaniel Adams, was published by Gestalten Press.The book profiles a diverse group of 57 men for whom dressing – and by extension their home and lifestyle – is elevated to an art. In addition to working with commercial clients, Rose is the exclusive photographer for the Metropolitan Opera’s style blog Last Night at the Met since 2013, for which she documents the diverse personal style of the audience as they mingle and strut in the iconic opera house. Rose is on the brink of releasing her second published book entitled We Are Dandy which includes 56 profiles of extraordinary gentlemen from Italy, Japan, South Africa, France, and much more. We are excited to have Rose Callahan join the False Image Fashion Podcast Experience.

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #22: Ewing Athletics Footwear Team

“Its not Nike, Reebok, or Adidas its PATRICK EWING’S

The 1980s and 1990s is what we consider the golden era of professional sports and for hip-hop music. In 1989, Hall of Famer and one of the greatest big man to ever play in the NBA, revolutionized and changed the sneaker industry forever. Patrick Ewing took it one step further, becoming the first professional basketball player to form his own footwear brand. The footwear brand had great success in its earlier days within 7 years grossing over a $100 million. Although, this rapid growth established the brand in a great way but it also forced the company to go into hiatus for several years. After several attempts the brand was relaunched in 2012 with the help not only from Patrick Ewing himself but the partnership with licensing company GPF Footwear. The brand still presented the nostalgic styles of the 1990’s but the most significant part of the Ewing Athletics was its unique STORY with the added historic timeline. With the help of longtime purveyor of sneaker culture and businessman David Goldberg and the brand strategist Jason Nelson Ewing Athletics will now enter a new era with the brand. We are joined today by CEO of Ewing Athletics David Goldberg & Director of Marketing Jason Nelson. We discuss the design process of sneakers, licensing, marketing strategies, and much more.

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #21: Kimberly Jenkins, Professor at Parsons School of Design

Today on the False Image Fashion Podcast we professor at Parsons School of Design & Pratt Institute Kimberly Jenkins. Kim Jenkins is a New York-based educator and graduate of the M.A. Fashion Studies program at Parsons The New School for Design. Kim has devoted her life thus far to not only accepting the formalities within the fashion industry but as well using education to create instant change at two of America’s largest fashion institutions. If you have the opportunity to meet Kim you will witness she has a rooted passion for understanding human races, origins, and other cultures. Kim’s latest endeavors include a course taught at Parsons entitled “Fashion and Race”, the online project, “The Fashion and Race Syllabus” and the expansion of The Fashion Studies Journal. Today, she discusses the scenic route she took before becoming a fashion scholar.

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #20: Rick Davy, Founder of Fashion Week Brooklyn

Today on the False Image Fashion Podcast we feature founder of Fashion Week Brooklyn, Rick Davy. Rick is someone I would say desired more than just the American Dream. Rick has carved out his own path within the fashion & entertainment industry. A former stylist for BET Networks and stylist for Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliams. These experiences are credited to the his spark to fill a necessary void in one of America’s melting pots Brooklyn, New York. In 2006, Brooklyn would witness its own community of talent individuals have a platform of its own, Fashion Week Brooklyn.Rick Davy has been voted as one of 100 Brooklyn’s most influential people. Today Rick Davy the founder of Fashion Week Brooklyn takes us through his life works and discuss the future of Fashion Week Brooklyn.

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #19: Debra Rapoport, Style Icon & Textile Teacher

Today on the False Image Fashion Podcast we feature Style Icon & Textile Teacher Debra Rapoport. Debra has shared not only style but as well her knowledge with the world teaching textile courses at the Metropolitan Museum of Art & Museum of Art Design. In addition, being one of the keynote speakers for Ted Talk in Amsterdam. Debra’s personal style is just one of many layers into her world built upon the ABC’s of life. Some of Debra’s wearable art creations have been featured in museums around the world . Not to mention she is one of the pillars of the critically acclaimed Advanced Style book and featured film by Ari Seth Cohen. We are very excited to have had the opportunity to talk with the style maverick Debra Rapoport. This an episode that you do not want to miss out!

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #18: Celine Vernon, Founder of Slow Factory

On the brinks of the civil war in the country of Lebanon in its own capital Beirut which would become the birthplace of one of its best creative minds. This individual’s apartheid with Lebanon would soon be channeled as motivation, perseverance, and activate a side that most ignore which is to making a Global Impact. What was composed as a Tweet as an idea turned into REALITY. These collections of scarfs are not just only an accessory but  they carry a mission and purpose through the satellite images of NASA. Today, I look out into the universe to sit down with the individual to discover the inspiration and purpose behind these very scarfs. Designer, teacher, entrepreneur, activist, and mostly importantly a mother of 2 children I present the founder of Slow Factory Céline Semaan Vernon.

Slow Factory 

Slow Factory is fashion house, merging the traditional functions of a design studio with two innovative features: a high-tech materials lab and the application of open source data. Slow Factory creates limited-edition collectable fashion pieces by printing high-resolution NASA satellite images on environmentally responsible fibers like silk and modal, resulting in timeless statement pieces with a mission supporting environmental and humanitarian causes. Our supply chain is 100% clean and fair trade.

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #17: Albertus Swanepoel

Through times of struggle and disaster an individual’s faith and creativity is often challenged but true beauty begins to arise through all of it. That same beauty is displayed through the construction of hats from “Fashion’s Favorite Milliner” Albertus Swanepoel. It is Albertus that some of the industry’s premiere designers such as: Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera calls upon to supply them with his hats that has been displayed on the NYFW runways for the past ten years. Albertus creations has been featured in films, international publications, and several television shows. The highlight of Albertus includes being runner up in CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and also nominated for Accessory Designer of the Year. Albertus has become a household name in the eyes of the industry but I’m more interested on today into finding out what are some things that have attributed to his success first as a person and his business as the old saying goes” to whom much is given much is required from.”