Our Vision


False Image Fashion Podcast started out as a passion project in 2015 for founder/host Glenn Mckeva Wiggins. He had been allotted several opportunities to work and cross paths with some of the most successful individuals/brands in the fashion industry including designers, stylists, editors, educators, and much more. However, he found himself connecting and sustaining relationships with his fellow peers through meaningful conversations. These discussions would were about how these individuals’ childhood inspired their career decisions, adversities of their personal life, and the sacrifices that were made in starting their business. The honesty that came across within these conversations were due to Glenn’s curiosity of asking the right questions and engaging with these individuals, so something from the heart  would be said, which could inspire him to make a bigger impact within the fashion industry. Glenn didn't want to just keep these stories and information himself, which is why he is sharing this with you.

False Image Fashion Podcast’s main objective would be to create a space for candid conversations with featured guests who worked in the fashion/beauty industry. Our conversations are connecting the gap between the balance of life and fashion. We allow our featured guests to speak from their heart and expound on their hardships in working within the fashion industry, purpose of their vision, and secrets to building a sustainable business. We are activating the voice of individuals in the fashion industry and a perspective that lends itself to the very idea of true elevation.

Instead of choosing to conform to the conventional way a fashion podcast is presented, we would revolutionize this medium.