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False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #10: Shannon Lea, Owner of People Like Art Clothing

This week we present Shannon Lea founder of People Like Art Clothing. Shannon expounds on how her entrepreneurial mindset was develop in her infant stages of life which eventually birthed her obsession with several different art form. This obsession lead Shannon to following her heart in creating the People Like Art Clothing brand which has a minimalist approach in combining the elements of art and quality techniques. Each piece of clothing is individually made at the People Like Art Studio located in East Nashville. Tune in to the episode as we enter the world of People Like Art Clothing and its creator.Click below to listen to the podcast episode.

For more information about People Like Art Clothing go to or schedule a visit to the studio:

209 S 17th St
Nashville, TN  37206

For wholesale and press inquiries contact:

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #9: Alicia Searcy of Spashionista Fashion Blog

As we embark on another episode we had the great pleasure to converse with the Alicia Searcy of Spashionista Fashion Blog. Alicia is far more than just your average fashion blogger she has indeed built the Spashionista platform into something more than fancy post and pictures. Alicia has taken much joy in being considered an individual who loves to serves as a bridge for designers, boutiques, and any creative individual within the Nashville area. Whether it is spending time with a designer offering advice to designer or if it is being a spokesperson for the disable community. Alicia Searcy is always thinking about serving others from her heart. Alicia shares with us on how she was able to look past her physical disability of cerebral palsy and become an established VOICE within the fashion & lifestyle industry.For more information about Alicia Searcy of Spashionista go to
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False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #6: Karen Bennett, Founder of Coast Fashion Trade Exhibition

For episode #6 we are joined by Karen Bennett CEO/Founder of Coast Fashion Trade Exhibition. Coast Show getting its first start in 2007 in the Wynwood District of Miami, Florida has since then broken the glass ceiling of your typical trade exhibition.Providing a platform where the buying experience is centered around the success of the brands involved within the show. As we converse with its CEO on how fashion trade shows benefit aspiring and current business owners on today.  In addition, how important is it for designers, boutiques, and buyers within the fashion industry to build and sustain partnerships.Check out more about the episode at For more information about the Coast Show go to their website at .

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #5: Eric Bornhop, Owner of Eric Adler Clothing

Timeless, versatile, and polished underlines the true aesthetic of Eric Adler-a brand that provides today’s society with some of the best-dressed individuals in America.  Also, the textures of the vision from it’s creator are a rare experience. Eric Adler Clothing offers all the key essentials of men’s lifestyle: bespoke & ready-to-wear suiting, dress shirts, trousers, and most importantly quality craftsmanship with every piece of clothing made in Nashville, Tennessee. Today we join a friend of mine, Eric Bornhop, of Eric Adler as he welcomes us into his domain and prophecy of Eric Adler Clothing. Check out more on the episode at . Also, if you’d like to check out more from Eric Adler Clothing go to .