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False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #16: The Last Thread

I can’t think of how many times I have said thank you to all those who have supported the False Image Fashion Podcast. When I originally came up with this idea in 2014 I struggled with having enough confidence that I could really continue on with my passion for fashion and speaking life into people’s lives . It was until I found myself in the very box of thought that the podcast wasn’t for myself it was for the kid sitting at home not having a clue or direction about how he is going to follow his dreams. Maybe even the recent college graduate who went to school and developed a passion for this one thing in mind but was badgered by the fears of family and friends who themselves were scared of chasing their own dreams. Producing four months of quality content can come with its challenges and its rewards as well. This episode today wraps up Season 1 of the False Image Fashion Podcast as we are more excited to announcing Season 2 of the False Image Fashion Podcast. Please make sure if you have not listen to all the episodes of this Season 1 take out the time to check those out. Also, shoot myself us email to let me know your thoughts about the first season of the podcast at . In addition, going into the first part of 2016 we will be releasing the visual parts of the interviews we conducted with some of our featured guest make sure you check out Youtube and Vimeo page. Again I thank everyone who decided to listen to any of the podcasts. Be Encourage and Be Creative!

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #15: Randy & Demi Howell, Owners of House of Demi

Two lifelong partners Randy and Demi have been in business for over 15 years since day one their focal point has been building a legacy that others can be inspired about and find it to be resourceful. This dynamic duo is covered within their faith in God and exemplifies a spirit of giving that is unmeasurable. House of Demi is more than a hair and beauty salon. Randy and Demi Howell carries its own cosmetic line, conducts in house seminars, does clothing designs, and the list can continue on. With the artistic mind of Demi and business savvy of Randy they both share their blueprint of success which has been centered around faith and persistence to always remain relevant within the beauty and hair industry. Today marks Randy & Demi Howell as being our last featured guest on the False Image Fashion Podcast. Please join in on the conversation by clicking below to listen to the podcast.

For more information about the House of Demi please visit or take a visit to the House of Demi is located at
105 Central Avenue Huntsville, AL 35801 

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #4: Derrick Ramey, Jr. of Dapper Dude Collection

For our fourth episode which is entitled A Dappers Ambition  featuring Creative Director Derrick Ramey,Jr of The Dapper Dude Collection as we capture a glimpse of how a gentleman that has lived a life that came along with a unique taste for classic cars, clothing, music, and family how Derrick Ramey, Jr. transformed a daily lifestyle filled with those things into a thriving business going into its third year of business. In this episode we will discover the business of men’s accessories, identify the craftsmanship that’s goes into the products of Dapper Dude, and find out what areas of his personal life helps thrive the Dapper Dude business. If you would like to check out the products of The Dapper Dude Collection go to