False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #5: Eric Bornhop, Owner of Eric Adler Clothing

Timeless, versatile, and polished underlines the true aesthetic of Eric Adler-a brand that provides today’s society with some of the best-dressed individuals in America.  Also, the textures of the vision from it’s creator are a rare experience. Eric Adler Clothing offers all the key essentials of men’s lifestyle: bespoke & ready-to-wear suiting, dress shirts, trousers, and most importantly quality craftsmanship with every piece of clothing made in Nashville, Tennessee. Today we join a friend of mine, Eric Bornhop, of Eric Adler as he welcomes us into his domain and prophecy of Eric Adler Clothing. Check out more on the episode at www.falseimage.net . Also, if you’d like to check out more from Eric Adler Clothing go to www.ericadlerclothing.com .