False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #4: Derrick Ramey, Jr. of Dapper Dude Collection

For our fourth episode which is entitled A Dappers Ambition  featuring Creative Director Derrick Ramey,Jr of The Dapper Dude Collection as we capture a glimpse of how a gentleman that has lived a life that came along with a unique taste for classic cars, clothing, music, and family how Derrick Ramey, Jr. transformed a daily lifestyle filled with those things into a thriving business going into its third year of business. In this episode we will discover the business of men’s accessories, identify the craftsmanship that’s goes into the products of Dapper Dude, and find out what areas of his personal life helps thrive the Dapper Dude business. If you would like to check out the products of The Dapper Dude Collection go to thedapperdudecollection.com.