False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #16: The Last Thread

I can’t think of how many times I have said thank you to all those who have supported the False Image Fashion Podcast. When I originally came up with this idea in 2014 I struggled with having enough confidence that I could really continue on with my passion for fashion and speaking life into people’s lives . It was until I found myself in the very box of thought that the podcast wasn’t for myself it was for the kid sitting at home not having a clue or direction about how he is going to follow his dreams. Maybe even the recent college graduate who went to school and developed a passion for this one thing in mind but was badgered by the fears of family and friends who themselves were scared of chasing their own dreams. Producing four months of quality content can come with its challenges and its rewards as well. This episode today wraps up Season 1 of the False Image Fashion Podcast as we are more excited to announcing Season 2 of the False Image Fashion Podcast. Please make sure if you have not listen to all the episodes of this Season 1 take out the time to check those out. Also, shoot myself us email to let me know your thoughts about the first season of the podcast at info@falseimage.net . In addition, going into the first part of 2016 we will be releasing the visual parts of the interviews we conducted with some of our featured guest make sure you check out Youtube and Vimeo page. Again I thank everyone who decided to listen to any of the podcasts. Be Encourage and Be Creative!

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #15: Randy & Demi Howell, Owners of House of Demi

Two lifelong partners Randy and Demi have been in business for over 15 years since day one their focal point has been building a legacy that others can be inspired about and find it to be resourceful. This dynamic duo is covered within their faith in God and exemplifies a spirit of giving that is unmeasurable. House of Demi is more than a hair and beauty salon. Randy and Demi Howell carries its own cosmetic line, conducts in house seminars, does clothing designs, and the list can continue on. With the artistic mind of Demi and business savvy of Randy they both share their blueprint of success which has been centered around faith and persistence to always remain relevant within the beauty and hair industry. Today marks Randy & Demi Howell as being our last featured guest on the False Image Fashion Podcast. Please join in on the conversation by clicking below to listen to the podcast.

For more information about the House of Demi please visit www.demihowell.com or take a visit to the House of Demi is located at
105 Central Avenue Huntsville, AL 35801 

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #14: Richard Hamilton, Founder of Mobile Fashion Week

A great pleasure I had to return back to my hometown Mobile, Alabama for the second time this season of the podcast. Today I have the honor of presenting a gentleman who accepted the challenge to provide a platform where designers, business owners, artist, photographers, and make up & hair artist can share talents to the Gulf Coast Area called Mobile Fashion Week. Richard McGill Hamilton the founder of the Mobile Fashion Week Richard aspirations has always been a combination of other artistic individuals and the love for the Mobile area. Moreover, Richard return to Mobile, Alabama was followed by the fast pace of the fashion industry in Los Angeles, California which he believed enabled him the confidence to bring not only high fashion presence but an initiative that focused on community building such as Mobile Fashion Week. Not only has Mobile Fashion Week which is going into its fifth year has allowed Richard to perform foresight which others vision by also creating the Mobile Fashion Council. In which the Mobile Fashion Council to develop and educate the community on the importance of fashion design and the potential economic growth of American born designers. Please check out the recent interview with Richard McGill Hamilton as he shares insight of the creation of a fashion week and how to cultivate the talent in smaller markets within the fashion industry.

For more information about Mobile Fashion Week & Mobile Fashion Council please go visit
Instagram: mobfashionweek

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MobileFashionWeek?fref=ts

For more information about Mobile Fashion Council



False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #13: Allison Volek Shelton, Owner of Shutters & Shuttles

Today we had the opportunity to brought into the world of textiles produced in Nashville, Tennessee by Shutters and Shuttles. Allison Volek Shelton its founder showed us a marvelous time in the studio of where she creates something of the best fabrics. She showed us several of her looms and the process of how each product is made from her very studio. Allison has been weaving for nearly 10 years now. She was first introduced to fiber arts in college at Tennessee Tech and instantly fell in love. She bought her first loom 5 years ago and founded Shutters & Shuttles shortly after. She loves the repetition of weaving and is constantly looking for new techniques and patterns to experiment with. For more information about Shutters and Shuttles please go visit shuttersandshuttles.com


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode#12-Dangers of the Creative Mind featuring Afu Okosun

“Dangers of a Creative Mind” featuring Afu Okosun founder of Soul Sessions, Licensed Counselor, and Author. As we discuss the high rates of depressions , suicides, and drug overdoses which are important issues among others that are affecting the young talent within the fashion & beauty industry. This episode’s topic serves as an importance that correlates with the newly released book “Scared of Success” by Afu Okosun.

For more information about Afu Okosun please go visit his website www.afuokosun.com

If you would like to purchase a copy of Afu Okosun new book ” Scared of Success” please go to http://www.afuokosun.com/shop/scaredofsuccess

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode 11: Mobile Kappa League

Today’s episode I took the liberty to return back to my hometown Mobile, Alabama. Mobile is a place that gave me my foundation to be encouraged to take the road less travel. Growing up in Mobile I always felt that my city was portrayed in a very negative way more specifically the young males in the local community. With so much negative press about our young males in our society I thought to myself how encouraging is that to our generation to move towards progress not just for ourselves but for others as well. So I decided I will use the False Image Fashion Podcast platform to promote positivity and as well highlight one of the most progressive organization, The Mobile Kappa League . The Mobile Kappa League is designed to help young men grow, receive, and develop their leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor. It provides both challenging and rewarding experiences, which richly enhanced their lives. The members of the Kappa League are exposed to the opportunity of college prep workshops, community service projects, and the improving of ones self-image. Today we sit down with three members of the Mobile Kappa League: Ahmad Parker, Avery Grier , and Malik Cooper . The conversation we have today is about how has being a member of Mobile Kappa League help them in society, how has their individual styles impacted their peers, and the pressures of a teenager in today’s society. These gentleman share their thoughts and career aspirations which has me to believe that they are prepared to become the next generation’s leaders.

For more information about The Mobile Kappa League please check out their website mobilekappaleague.org

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #10: Shannon Lea, Owner of People Like Art Clothing

This week we present Shannon Lea founder of People Like Art Clothing. Shannon expounds on how her entrepreneurial mindset was develop in her infant stages of life which eventually birthed her obsession with several different art form. This obsession lead Shannon to following her heart in creating the People Like Art Clothing brand which has a minimalist approach in combining the elements of art and quality techniques. Each piece of clothing is individually made at the People Like Art Studio located in East Nashville. Tune in to the episode as we enter the world of People Like Art Clothing and its creator.Click below to listen to the podcast episode.

For more information about People Like Art Clothing go to peoplelikeart.com or schedule a visit to the studio:

209 S 17th St
Nashville, TN  37206

For wholesale and press inquiries contact:


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #9: Alicia Searcy of Spashionista Fashion Blog

As we embark on another episode we had the great pleasure to converse with the Alicia Searcy of Spashionista Fashion Blog. Alicia is far more than just your average fashion blogger she has indeed built the Spashionista platform into something more than fancy post and pictures. Alicia has taken much joy in being considered an individual who loves to serves as a bridge for designers, boutiques, and any creative individual within the Nashville area. Whether it is spending time with a designer offering advice to designer or if it is being a spokesperson for the disable community. Alicia Searcy is always thinking about serving others from her heart. Alicia shares with us on how she was able to look past her physical disability of cerebral palsy and become an established VOICE within the fashion & lifestyle industry.For more information about Alicia Searcy of Spashionista go to www.spashionista.com
Follow her on Twitter & Instagram : @spashionista
Follow her on Facebook: facebook.com/spashionista

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #8: Jeremy Mcbean, Alicia Brown, and Idris Aziz

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

-African Proverb

Today’s episode is about about my people more specifically my team who represents the False Image brand and as well the supporters. Throughout this season of the podcast we have had some wonderful guest and spoke on some profound things. Furthermore, I had to self reflect on how important the people around me and those who constantly support the False Image Fashion Podcast. This episode we discuss purpose and the process of when pursuing your personal legend. In which I compared the topic of purpose to a recent book I just finished reading called ” The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. My team including Alicia Brown, Jeremy Mcbean, and Idris Aziz have some wonderful thoughts to share with the world and announce their own individual projects that they are pursuing at the moment.

Sounds for the podcast are provided by Idris Aziz please make sure you follow him on soundcloud.com/ibnamn or reach him on Instagram @ibn.amn

If you are in need of a photographer or a chef please make sure you contact Jeremy Mcbean at jeremymarcanthony@me.com or follow Jeremy on Instagram @jeremymarcanthony

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode#7: Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds

Today we present our seventh episode with the Academic Program Director of Art Institute of Atlanta, Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds. Dr. Hammonds ambitious soul stretches far beyond the classroom of the Art Institute. Dr. Hammond an author of two published books, Prescriptions of Style: Definitive Style Guide For The Everyday Man & Reflections of Style: A Philanthropic Glance at the Arts. Dr. Hammonds a native of Columbus, Georgia has been a sought out resource for TLC Network, Bravo Network, brand ambassador for Mezlan, Macy’s, and many more. This conversation we not only discovered how Dr. Hammonds were able to break through the glass ceiling but a conversation that goes beyond talking about the facades of the fashion industry we dig DEEP in this episode.  Click to tune into episode and leave us feedback.For more information on Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds go to www.courtneyahammonds.com .

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #6: Karen Bennett, Founder of Coast Fashion Trade Exhibition

For episode #6 we are joined by Karen Bennett CEO/Founder of Coast Fashion Trade Exhibition. Coast Show getting its first start in 2007 in the Wynwood District of Miami, Florida has since then broken the glass ceiling of your typical trade exhibition.Providing a platform where the buying experience is centered around the success of the brands involved within the show. As we converse with its CEO on how fashion trade shows benefit aspiring and current business owners on today.  In addition, how important is it for designers, boutiques, and buyers within the fashion industry to build and sustain partnerships.Check out more about the episode at www.falseimage.net. For more information about the Coast Show go to their website at coastshows.com .

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #5: Eric Bornhop, Owner of Eric Adler Clothing

Timeless, versatile, and polished underlines the true aesthetic of Eric Adler-a brand that provides today’s society with some of the best-dressed individuals in America.  Also, the textures of the vision from it’s creator are a rare experience. Eric Adler Clothing offers all the key essentials of men’s lifestyle: bespoke & ready-to-wear suiting, dress shirts, trousers, and most importantly quality craftsmanship with every piece of clothing made in Nashville, Tennessee. Today we join a friend of mine, Eric Bornhop, of Eric Adler as he welcomes us into his domain and prophecy of Eric Adler Clothing. Check out more on the episode at www.falseimage.net . Also, if you’d like to check out more from Eric Adler Clothing go to www.ericadlerclothing.com .

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #4: Derrick Ramey, Jr. of Dapper Dude Collection

For our fourth episode which is entitled A Dappers Ambition  featuring Creative Director Derrick Ramey,Jr of The Dapper Dude Collection as we capture a glimpse of how a gentleman that has lived a life that came along with a unique taste for classic cars, clothing, music, and family how Derrick Ramey, Jr. transformed a daily lifestyle filled with those things into a thriving business going into its third year of business. In this episode we will discover the business of men’s accessories, identify the craftsmanship that’s goes into the products of Dapper Dude, and find out what areas of his personal life helps thrive the Dapper Dude business. If you would like to check out the products of The Dapper Dude Collection go to thedapperdudecollection.com.

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #3: Ellena Lejeune Smith, Founder of Alabama Fashion Alliance

This episode we feature the founder of Fashion Week Alabama & Alabama Fashion Alliance, Ellena Lejeune Smith. As we sit with her and discuss how she was able to build one of Alabama’s largest fashion organization and incubators. This episode provides us a in depth perspective on her life and lifeworks most importantly her WHY in what she has done for the state of Alabama and including others as well. Ellena provides us essential life lessons that others should know when invested themselves within the fashion industry. Check out the episode and let us know what you think.

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #2: Recap Of NYFW S/S 2016

I feel honored to be presenting another episode of the False Image Fashion Podcast this time I am joined by a friend and a former classmate of mine Harold Cochran from the Unclassified Cool Lifestyle Blog.Harold and myself in the beginning of last week shared our thoughts over the phone about several things mainly New York Fashion Week in particularly. So I told Harold we should provide our viewpoints on not only New York Fashion Week but as well the opportunities that surrounds this grand affair. This episode Harold and myself we converse about the Economic opportunities that surrounds New York Fashion Week, lack of business courses provided within Fashion programs across the world, and much more. Click the episode above to check out conversation out.