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Founder & Host

Glenn Mckeva Wiggins, Jr. is a fashion entrepreneur and founder of the False Image Fashion Podcast. A native from the Toulminville neighborhood of Mobile, Alabama, he is the youngest of three siblings. Glenn received his bachelor's degree in International Business & Fashion Design from Alabama A&M University. He is the recipient of the highest student award for fashion design “Best Overall Designer”, the first male in Alabama A&M University’s history to receive such an award. Glenn has served as the Fashion Show Director & Creative Director for the Alabama Fashion Alliance/Fashion Week Alabama. His passion for fashion and entrepreneurship has allowed him to travel the world to places such as London, Toronto, Miami and build upon a solid foundation for his company, False Image. Glenn wishes to lift the veil that fashion presently has that is all about vanity, an industry that doesn’t encourage genuine human interaction, and only inclusive for those who could afford to luxurious lifestyle. Glenn wishes to change that narrative by highlighting the authenticity in an individuals work, coordinating industry talks to discuss issues and solutions in the fashion industry, and using the influence of clothing as one of the tools to help the youth with their self confidence .Glenn decided to move to one of the world’s fashion capital New York City a place where he could connect with some of the most brilliant creatives and help achieve to becoming one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. When he is not attending networking events he is usually searching for restaurants that reminds him of cookings from back in Alabama.

If not you then who? If not now then when? You can make a difference.
— Darian Williams