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Marcus Teo, Creative Director

Marcus Teo is president and creative director of Teo Creative Inc., a fashion, luxury, design and lifestyle branding/advertising agency specializing in multi-channel communication through visual design and photography. In that role he has provided multi-tiered design, fashion consulting, image/specialty book design, video/film direction and more for the likes of Brooks Brothers, Jack Nicklaus, Penguin and LINCS by David Chu, and launched W Jewelry and HOME Furnishings Now magazines. Teo aims for the highest creative expression of a brand’s distinctive characteristics, focusing on its identity establishment in the marketplace and its longterm growth aspirations, through pioneering design and photography that stands out in all media channels.

Before founding Teo Creative in 2009, Marcus was senior vice president and global creative director of Georg Jensen. In that role he positioned the famed Danish luxury brand to be a global trendsetter and culture-shaper with a multi-layered media strategy running the gamut from accessories/lifestyle branding to digital marketing. As fashion director of W Magazine’s Men’s Portfolio and an editor at Vogue, GQ and other Condé Nast publications, he forged creative teams with some of the strongest forces in the fashion and photography industries. Having structure within his work and willingness to adapt to change sets Marcus apart from his contemporaries. In today’s society, where individuals are possessed with self-appointed titles and positions, Marcus discusses the the importance of a creative director in establishing a brand’s identity and maximizing its culture-shaping potential.

The best life you could ever get is the one where you are able to do what you love
— Marcus Teo