“I believe my experience on the Podcast was a mutually advantageous venture. Before and after the Podcast, I received virtual messages from individuals from all parts of the U.S. inquiring about my professional brand identity and if I would serve as a mentor. “

-Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds, Academic Program Director at Art Institute of Atlanta




“My brand gained new followers on Instagram because of the podcast which was a nice bonus.  My followers were able to learn more about me and my brand by listening to the podcast.  I was able to use the podcast as content for my social media posts which I’m always needing fresh content for.”

-Shannon Lea of People Like Art


“The False Image Fashion Podcast social media presence helped spread the word to further reaches than I have been able to”

-Eric Bornhop of Eric Adler Clothing

Unclassified Cool new jpg

“I do believe the experience was beneficial to my brand because people have seen my blog posts and/or know me from various forms of social media, but to actually hear me physically talk or speak on the subjects that were presented during the interview made them aware that I am passionate about fashion, style & the culture.”

-Harold Cochran of The Unclassified Cool Lifestyle Blog

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