Awl & Sundry Custom Shoes bridges the growing divide between price and premium quality in the men’s shoe industry. The company’s mission is to democratize bespoke luxury by ensuring that custom crafted shoes are within reach for the modern man.Mario began his internship with Awl & Sundry, where he started out managing Social Media accounts. He quickly rose to managing customer relations as well as other interns at Awl & Sundry. Once he completed the internship Mario was offered a partner position at the company Awl & Sundry and developed the company’s brand image along with founder Nikunj Marvania. Today he is known as the Chief Happiness Officer and has successfully developed strategic brand partnerships in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and UK as well as a limited capsule collection with professional football player Kameron Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks. Mario’s mission is to disrupt the shoe making industry by making bespoke quality footwear more affordable and significantly reduce turnaround time. His title Chief Happiness Officer aligns with his personal vision of brining positive change to the world, uniting people across the globe and promoting happiness throughout the business environment. We are excited to have Mario Lanzarotti, Chief Happiness Officer and Managing Partner of Awl & Sundry Custom Shoes.